Sliding Fee Discount Program

Fees and Credit Policy

Amite County Medical Services, Inc.’s fees/charges are based on the amount of time spent with you and the degree of medical difficulty that your particular visit requires. Other services such as laboratory tests or x-rays are additional charges to your office visit fee. The fee structure at Amite County Medical Services, Inc. is comparable to other medical and dental offices in the area. All co-pays are collected prior to being seen by the provider and as other charges may apply for your visit, payment is required for all services on the date of the visit.

Adjusted Fee Scale

The policy of Amite County Medical Services, Inc. is to ensure that no patient is denied services due to an inability to pay; however, to make the best use of available funds, we must ensure that full payment is rendered by all who have sufficient means to pay and that any possible third party resources are investigated and exhausted prior to application of the sliding fee discounts. Once a patient is approved according to the Federal Poverty Guidelines, patients will pay the approved minimum co-pay at the time of registration and any additional fees for services rendered on the date of service according to their approved Sliding Fee Discount rate.

If medical bills are a hardship for you, you may want to apply for the Sliding Fee Discount Program. In order to qualify, you must provide proof of income, household size, and insurance coverage. For further details, ask our Receptionist for any information sheet or call any of our locations for additional information.


Many patients who do not have health insurance and who have limited funds also need access to transportation services in order to travel to clinic locations.  In order to assist these patients, ACMS has purchased gas cards to be given to eligible patients enrolled in the Sliding Fee Discount Program to assist with travel from their homes to ACMS clinics as well as to referral appointments. The number and dollar amount of gas cards will be determined yearly based on the approved organizational budget.